Top 10 MedKit Supplies for Outdoor Adventure

Brooks Wolfe, Director of SOLO Southeast, took a moment to talk us through the contents of his personal MedKit and how he packs it for adventures. If you’re taking a shorter hike or paddle, here is a list of our top 10 must-haves to build your own medkit. Take a look at the full video below for an expanded list perfect for big adventures.

If you’d like to purchase a ready-to-go kit, we’ve linked a great option here!

  1. Non-Latex Gloves – Keep these in a plastic zip bag and put them on before you begin to assess your patient.
  2. Mild Soap – This with water is what you need to clean any wounds.
  3. Gauze – This can be applied to wounds or cuts. It can also be used to clean wounds.
  4. Roller Bandage – This is great for holding any bandaging in place, or if there is a larger laceration that needs more pressure to help the blood clot.
  5. Medical Tape – This is better than other types because some people can be allergic to the adhesive used in other types of tape.
  6. Elastic Wrap – Great for keeping swelling down with a sprain or a strain.
  7. Triangle Bandages – These bandages do a great job as a sling.
  8. Electrolyte Powder – This will assist in keeping you hydrated.
  9. Diphenhydramine – Keep dye-free Diphenhydramine available to aid in allergic reactions.
  10. A way to keep warm – Always keep a way to make fire, an emergency blanket, or a safe way to stay warm with you.

Make sure to keep all of your items dry by storing them in a plastic zip bag, then putting them into your kit. See the full video below for an expanded list and tips on packing your kit.

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  1. Arthur Meeder on May 16, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    Very helpful. Complements the Wilderness First Aid course I took in March at NOC.

  2. Guinness on July 21, 2020 at 11:18 pm

    Great article and super informative video. Would love to see a regular series with various topics.

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