Using an AED: Lifesaving Skills You Should Know

A lady and a man practicing using an AED on a dummy for their certification.

While many of us are at least familiar with the term “CPR” and have received training on how to perform it, the term “AED” may be less familiar.  However, AEDs are a vital part of CPR and knowledge of how an AED works and how to use it properly can make a difference in an…

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Get to the Chopper

The Role of Helicopters in Rescue.Randy Manuel In movies and TV shows choppers are always available and nearby, day or night, regardless of the weather; apparently anyone can “call one up” in a moment’s notice. They can operate anywhere, with only inches of clearance on all sides, in hurricane force winds in the dead of…

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Top 10 MedKit Supplies for Outdoor Adventure

Patient with minor head injury

Brooks Wolfe, Director of SOLO Southeast, took a moment to talk us through the contents of his personal MedKit and how he packs it for adventures. If you’re taking a shorter hike or paddle, here is a list of our top 10 must-haves to build your own medkit. Take a look at the full video…

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Filling the L.A.S.T. Gap

Additional Training For Wilderness First Responders & Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians. We take great pride in our wilderness medical programs; classes are comprehensive, based on real-world experience, and designed for outdoor enthusiasts alike. However, for complicated rescues in the wilderness, there is a gap. L.A.S.T.: Locate, Access, Stabilize, & Transport is an acronym widely used…

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Dehydration in the Backcountry

When presented with injury or illness in the backcountry, be on the lookout for dehydration. We simply don’t drink enough fluids; in the backcountry it becomes difficult to find, laborious to purify, and heavy to carry. As guides, we know better than this, and it is still found that we neglect to take in enough…

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Who’s Your Buddy?

As trip leaders, we are responsible for keeping a watchful eye on our groups, regardless of their number. With so many things that require our attention, a larger group size can benefit from what we call “The Buddy System.” What is The Buddy System? Pairing our campers or clients together to have them look after…

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Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke – When to be Concerned

As temperatures rise all over the country, so does the risk of heat related illness; especially for those who are outdoors engaging in strenuous physical activity. Before you head out into the heat, make sure you are adequately prepared; dress appropriately for the weather conditions, stay hydrated and protected from the sun. Take a few…

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