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Go into your next hike, camping trip, or outing with the skills you need to survive in the wilderness. SOLO Southeast is here to teach you the necessary skills should your next adventure not go as planned. With our Wilderness Survival courses, you will always be prepared.

Most rescues happen within the first 72-hours. This introduction to wilderness survival teaches you how to use these critical hours to stabilize your situation and assist in your own rescue. Topics include survival priorities and psychology, essential gear for a survival kit, shelter, fire making, water finding and purification, and much more.

wilderness survival course

NOC’s Wilderness Survival programs are designed not only to educate participants in specific skills for managing outdoor situations, but also to have fun while learning.

backcountry survival course

Created for professional outdoor leaders and backcountry enthusiasts, the Backcountry Survival Instructor Training is an intensive 5-Day course. This course is designed to not only solidify your backcountry skills but to enhance your knowledge, allowing you to teach others the basic of survival skills.

Learn the fundamental basics for survival, get hands-on in the wilderness, and spend quality time in the company of experienced teachers and like-minded women. This all-female weekend includes a day of Wilderness Survival Skills and two days of Wilderness First Aid with CPR in addition to some fireside time on Friday night. No experience is required, just a sense of adventure.


Private instruction allows the student to tailor a class to their individual needs and schedule. We can accommodate a group of friends or family members interested in half-day, one-day, or multi-day survival or outdoor skills class.

SOLO Southeast can tailor to your individual or group needs. We can accommodate groups for half-day, full-day, or multi-day wilderness medicine or survival courses either at our home location or yours. We will work with you to find the option that best suits your needs.

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