Trevor Nozell
Trevor Nozell

Meet Trevor Nozell of Pinnacle Mountain Guides. Beginning his journey as an Active Duty Infantry Officer, Trevor proudly graduated from the Army's esteemed Mountain Warfare and Airborne Schools.

Today, he stands as an AMGA Certified Guide, skillfully navigating everything from the simplicity of single pitch climbs to the complexity of multi-pitch terrain techniques.

Passionate about safety, Trevor has also earned his stripes as a Certified Wilderness First Responder and a Level 4 Swift Water Rescue expert.

Moreover, he is an adept instructor in Wilderness First Aid, ensuring that adventurers are well-equipped to handle emergencies in the wild.

From the lush landscapes of Tennessee and North Carolina to the rugged terrains of Puerto Rico, the Red River Gorge, and Joshua Tree, Trevor is dedicated to guiding and teaching.

He views himself as a perpetual student, constantly seeking excellence in wilderness medicine and rock climbing. For Trevor, it's all about imparting the best practices and ensuring everyone enjoys nature safely.

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