Wilderness survival 1 course
Jeffrey Gottlieb

Jeffrey has been a senior instructor of NOC's Wilderness Survival School since October of 2012. He has an MS in Biology and has been a Naturalist, Outdoor Educator, and Primitive Skills Instructor for more than 30 years.

Jeff has built over 50 full-size wigwams and longhouses at museums, nature centers, and schools using wild-collected materials such as tree bark slabs, reeds, and saplings. His areas of special interest include fiber arts, flintknapping, basketry, edible and utilitarian plants, and nature awareness.

Jeff has even written three books as a self-published author and travels the Eastern US teaching at rendezvous, gatherings, and historic fairs.

Jeff goes to the woods not to "rough it", but to "smooth it", believing that many of us have it rough enough in town at our jobs. He seeks communion, education, enjoyment, creative outlet, and peace in nature.

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