Wilderness Travel and Navigation

Most rescues happen within the first 72-hours. This Wilderness Survival Travel and Navigation course is designed to teach you what to do after the first 72 hours have passed and you have not been rescued; survival on the move. Instructors demonstrate techniques associated with more advanced concepts of wilderness survival: lost human behavior, hydration, and energy conservation, navigation and orienteering, basic concepts of foraging, and more. Due to the coursework, an above-average level of physical fitness is required.

This fun two-day course takes place at our private woodland classroom, Hemlock Ridge. This area is a quarter mile hike from NOC’s main campus. It is a steep climb, so being prepared with appropriate footwear is essential. We have a privy on-site, but there is no running water. Class is held rain or shine, so participants should dress accordingly. Participants can also choose to camp at Hemlock Ridge on Saturday night if desired.

Minimum Age: 14 (All minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian)


Meals: Available through NOC’s Restaurants


Recommended For: Outdoor enthusiasts


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SOLO Southeast Reviews

"Humor and honest feedback made this course stay interesting, educational, and overall very effective."
— Former SOLO Student

"Good mix between scenarios and classroom instruction. Great organization of class materials and great interaction with students."
— Former SOLO Student


Course Outline


Course Topics

  • Lost Human Behavior
  • Hydration
  • Energy Conservation
  • Navigation & Orienteering
  • Basic Concepts of Foraging

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Packing List


NOC Provides the primary gear needed for each course. We will spend the majority of our time outdoors, so dress appropriately for the season in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. You can check weather for zip code 28713 prior to packing if needed. The following list is to supplement the clothing you will be wearing.

Necessary Items:
• Backpack to put everything in (min. 24 liters)
• Rain gear (tops and bottoms)
• Warm layers of clothing
• Warm hat or sun hat (weather dependent)
• Closed-toed shoes
• Pen and notepad
• Water bottle (at least 1 quart)

Optional Items:
• Small tarp, rain fly, or groundsheet (optional)
• Fixed-blade or lock back knife (folding knife w/lock). Note: If you don’t own one of these, we recommend trying some of our knives to see what you prefer.
• Leather gloves
• Sunscreen & Insect repellent
• Personal first aid kit
• Trekking poles

Camping on Hemlock Ridge:
Students in our 2-day courses will have the option of camping at our woodland classroom on Saturday night.
Students in our 5-Day Wilderness Survival Instructor course are required to spend 2 nights out with the class.

Please bring the following items:
• Tent/Tarp (or other shelter)
• Sleeping bag and sleeping pad
• Eating utensils (including bowl and cup)
• Flashlight or headlamp
• Non-perishable food (e.g. Mountain HouseTM camping food)
• Extra water

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