Wilderness Survival 1

Wilderness Survival 1

Course Length: 2 Days
Price: $199.99
Lodging: Available through NOC
Meals: Available through NOC’s Restaurants
Minimum age: 14, all minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian

2017 Dates:
April 29-30
May 20-21
June 3-4
August 12-13
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Most rescues happen within the first 72-hours. This introduction to survival teaches how to use these critical hours to stabilize your situation and assist in your own rescue. Instructors demonstrate techniques associated with the six essential concepts of wilderness survival: shelter, firecraft, food finding, water purification, off-trail navigation and rescue signaling. This fun 2-day course gives students the option of sleeping overnight in their own hand-made shelters and reviews important survival gear and equipment.


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