Wilderness Survival 2

Wilderness Survival 2

Course Length: 2 Days
Price: $205.99
Lodging: Available through NOC
Meals: Available through NOC’s Restaurants
Minimum age: 14, all minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian
Upcoming Dates:

Wilderness Survival 2July 21-22, 2018Bryson City, NC
Wilderness Survival 2November 17-18, 2018Bryson City, NC

Most rescues happen within the first 72-hours. This course is designed to teach you what to do after the first 72 hours has passed and you have not been rescued – survival on the move. Instructors demonstrate techniques associated with more advanced concepts of wilderness survival:  lost human behavior, hydration and energy conservation, navigation and orienteering, basic concepts of foraging, and more. This fun 2-day course gives students the option of sleeping overnight at the survival site and reviews important survival gear and equipment needed for self rescue.

The coursework requires an above average level of physical fitness. Prerequisite: Must have completed Wilderness Survival 1 or equivalent training.


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