Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification Course

Course Length: 4 Days
Price: $360.00
Price + Lodging: $440.00 – Call for availability*
Lodging: Available through NOC
Meals: Available through NOC’s Restaurants
*Price does not include lodging tax

Upcoming Dates:

AWFAMay 14-17, 2018Bryson City, NC

This intensive 4-day course provides in-depth information on medical and environmental emergencies alongside hands-on practice of backcountry first aid skills. Students learn both in the classroom and in the mountains, trails and streams at NOC’s Nantahala River campus.

With an emphasis on leadership, students learn to confidently take control of medical situations. Over 4-days students learn patient assessment, injury management and other necessary outdoor skills. This class goes into greater depth of the basic first aid subjects while emphasizing leadership skills. AWFA presents new skills such as litter packaging and traction splinting.

We believe in having a systematic approach to emergency situations so students can continue to develop their muscle memory, instincts, and improve reaction time for emergency situations.

This course includes American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) CPR and AED certification.

Specific AWFA Topics Covered Include:

Patient Assessment and Critical Care

  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Primary Survey
  • Vital Signs
  • SOAP note

Principles and management of traumatic injuries

  • Shock
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Bandaging and Splinting
  • Burns
  • Head and Spine Injuries

Principles and management of medical emergencies

  • Change in level of consciousness
  • Respiratory system emergencies
  • Cardiovascular system emergencies

Principles and management of environmental emergencies

  • Temperature illness
  • Bites and Stings
  • Backcountry essentials


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